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Python | Skipping Test Failures
  • Last Updated : 12 Jun, 2019

Problem – To skip or mark selected tests as an anticipated failure in the unit tests.

The unittest module has decorators that can be applied to selected test methods to control their handling as shown in the code given below.

Code #1 :

import unittest
import os
import platform
class Tests(unittest.TestCase):
    def test_0(self):
        @unittest.skip('skipped test')
    def test_1(self):'should have failed !')
        @unittest.skipIf( =='posix', 'Not supported on Unix')
    def test_2(self):
        import winreg
    @unittest.skipUnless(platform.system() == 'Darwin', 'Mac specific test')
    def test_3(self):
    def test_4(self):
        self.assertEqual(2 + 2, 5)
if __name__ == '__main__':


bash % python3 -v
test_0 (__main__.Tests) ... ok
test_1 (__main__.Tests) ... skipped 'skipped test'
test_2 (__main__.Tests) ... skipped 'Not supported on Unix'
test_3 (__main__.Tests) ... ok
test_4 (__main__.Tests) ... expected failure
Ran 5 tests in 0.002s
OK (skipped = 2, expected failures = 1)

How it works :

  • The skip() decorator can be used to skip over a test that need not be run at all.
  • skipIf() and skipUnless() can be a useful way to write tests that only apply to certain platforms or Python versions, or which have other dependencies.

Use the @expectedFailure decorator to mark tests that are known failures, but for which the test framework need not report more information.

Code #2 : Applying decorators for skipping methods to entire testing classes

@unittest.skipUnless(platform.system() == 'Darwin', 'Mac specific tests')
class DarwinTests(unittest.TestCase):

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