Python Script to Logout Computer

As we know, Python is a popular scripting language because of its versatile features. In this article, we will write a Python script to logout a computer. Let’s start with how to logout the system with Python. To logout your computer/PC/laptop only by using a Python script, you have to use the os.system() function with the code “shutdown -l” . The shutdown -l command is the windows shell command for logging off.

Let’s start with how to log out the system with Python.

Note: For this to work, you have to import os library in the ide. If you don’t have it, then ‘pip install os‘ through the Command Prompt.

Causion: Please ensure that you save and close all the program before running this code on the IDLE, as the below program will immediately log out your computer.

Below is the Python implementation –





import os
logout = input("Do you wish to log out your computer ? (yes / no): ")
if logout == 'no':
    os.system("shutdown -l")



Here is the Python Program which will ask the user to log out the computer providing the option of Yes or No. Also, when you type yes & then press the ENTER key, the system will be log out instantly.

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