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Python – Reverse Shift characters by K

  • Last Updated : 13 May, 2021

Given a String, reverse shift each character according to its alphabetic position by K, including cyclic shift.

Input : test_str = ‘bccd’, K = 1 
Output : abbc 
Explanation : 1 alphabet before b is ‘a’ and so on.
Input : test_str = ‘bccd’, K = 2 
Output : zaab 
Explanation : 2 alphabets before b is ‘z’ (rounded) and so on. 

Method : Using maketrans() + upper() + list comprehension + translate() + slicing

In this, we make translation table to each character to its K shifted version using maketrans() and slicing. The upper() is used to handle all the upper case characters, translate() is used to perform translation according to lookup translation table created by maketrans().


# Python3 code to demonstrate working of
# Reverse Shift characters by K
# using maketrans() + upper() + list comprehension + translate() + slicing
# initializing string
test_str = 'GeeksForGeeks'
# printing original String
print("The original string is : " + str(test_str))
# initializing K
K = 10
alpha_chars = 'abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz'
# converted to uppercase
alpha_chars2 = alpha_chars.upper()
# maketrans used for lowercase translation
lower_trans = str.maketrans(alpha_chars, alpha_chars[ -K:] + alpha_chars[ : -K])
# maketrans used for uppercase translation
upper_trans = str.maketrans(alpha_chars2, alpha_chars2[ -K:] + alpha_chars2[ : -K])
# merge lookups
# make translation from lookups
res = test_str.translate(lower_trans)
# printing result
print("The converted String : " + str(res))
The original string is : GeeksForGeeks
The converted String : WuuaiVehWuuai

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