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Python-Quizzes | Python String Quiz | Question 4

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  • Last Updated : 18 Sep, 2020
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Question 4: What is the output of the following program?

line = "What will have so will"
L = line.split('a'
for i in L: 
    print(i, end=' '

(A) [‘What’, ‘will’, ‘have’, ‘so’, ‘will’]
(B) Wh t will h ve so will
(C) What will have so will
(D) [‘Wh’, ‘t will h’, ‘ve so will’]

Answer: (B)

Explanation: split() will use ‘a’ as the delimiter. It’ll create partition at ‘a’, thus split() return an array L, which is in [‘Wh’, ‘t will h’, ‘ve so will’]. For loop will print the elements of the list.

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