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Python program to print current year, month and day

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In this article, the task is to write a Python Program to print the current year, month, and day.


  • In Python, in order to print the current date consisting of a year, month, and day, it has a module named datetime. From the DateTime module, import date class
  • Create an object of the date class
  • Call the today( ) function of date class to fetch todays date.
  • By using the object created, we can print the year, month, day(attribute of date class) of today.


# importing date class from datetime module
from datetime import date
# creating the date object of today's date
todays_date =
# printing todays date
print("Current date: ", todays_date)
# fetching the current year, month and day of today
print("Current year:", todays_date.year)
print("Current month:", todays_date.month)
print("Current day:",


Current date:  2020-12-10
Current year: 2020
Current month: 12
Current day: 10
Last Updated : 29 Dec, 2020
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