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Python program to find birthdate on the same day you were born

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  • Last Updated : 11 Dec, 2019
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Write a program to find birthdates till a given year on the same day you were born. Let the input be of the format: YYYY-MM-DD


Input: 1996-11-12
Output: [‘1996-11-12’, ‘2002-11-12’, ‘2013-11-12’, ‘2019-11-12’, ‘2024-11-12’, ‘2030-11-12’, ‘2041-11-12’, ‘2047-11-12’]

Input: 1992-11-2
Output: [‘1992-11-2’, ‘1998-11-2’, ‘2009-11-2’, ‘2015-11-2’, ‘2020-11-2’, ‘2026-11-2’, ‘2037-11-2’, ‘2043-11-2’, ‘2048-11-2’]

Recommended: Please try your approach on {IDE} first, before moving on to the solution.

Functions created:

  • split_date(birthdate): This function splits the date given by user into year, month and day.
  • get_birthday(birthdate): This function is used to return the day of the week the user was born.
  • true_birthdays(birthdate): This function is used to return a list of dates having the same week day the user was born.

To find the birthdates having the same day the user was born above three methods will help us. Firstly, The user will enter the date and split_date() function will split the date into year, month and day. Then the function get_birthday() will be used to find weekday for that particular date. Finally, the true_birthdays() function will be used to find the list of all the dates having the same weekday. Inside this function, a for loop will be iterating from birth year to a specific year and will check if the birthdate in any particular year having the same weekday or not. If the weekday is same then that date will be added to the list of dates.

Below is the implementation.

import datetime
import calendar
weekdays = ["Monday", "Tuesday", "Wednesday"
           "Thursday", "Friday", "Saturday", "Sunday"]
# get_birth day
def split_date(birthday):
    # Split it to year, month and day
    year, month, day = birthday.split('-')    
    return year, month, day
def get_birthday(birthday):
    year, month, day = split_date(birthday)
    # Get a date object for the day of birth
    bdate = datetime.datetime(int(year), int(month), int(day))
    # Get the integer weekday for the day of birth
    weekday = bdate.weekday()
    # Tell the user
    day = weekdays[weekday]
    return day   
def listToString(x):
    # initialize an empty string 
    String = " " 
    # return string   
    return (String.join(x))
def true_birthdays(birthdate):
    year, month, day = split_date(birthdate)
    # get the year from birthday
    year = birthdate[:4].split('-')
    # convert list to string   
    year = listToString(year)
    # get the weekday you are born
    d_day = get_birthday(birthdate) 
    # list of true birthdate[birthday that have same 
    # weekday as the day you were born]    
    true_BD = [] 
    j = 0
    for i in range(int(year), 2050):
        # add + j to birth year 
        new_year = int(year)+
        # construct new birthday
        new_birthday = str(str(new_year)+"-"+month+"-"+day) 
        # get weekday of the new birthday
        new_d_day = get_birthday(new_birthday)
        # if birthday that have same weekday 
        # as the day you were born
        if d_day == new_d_day: 
        # add to the list of true birthdate
        j += 1
    return true_BD
def main():
    # Get the birth date
    birthdate = "1996-11-12"
    # year_limit = input("search limit from your birthday- ")
    dates = true_birthdays(birthdate)  
# Driver's code


[‘1996-11-12’, ‘2002-11-12’, ‘2013-11-12’, ‘2019-11-12’, ‘2024-11-12’, ‘2030-11-12’, ‘2041-11-12’, ‘2047-11-12’]

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