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Python program to convert float to exponential

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  • Last Updated : 26 Oct, 2021
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Given a float number, the task is to write a Python program to convert float to exponential.


Input: 19.0
Output: 1.900000e+01

Input: 200.2
Output: 2.002000e+02

Input: 1101.02
Output: 1.101020e+03


  • We will first declare and initialise a float number.
  • Then we will use format method to convert the number from integer to exponential type.
  • Then we will print the converted value.


String {field_name:conversion} Example.format(value)

Errors and Exceptions:

ValueError: Error occurs during type conversion in this method.

More parameters can be included within the curly braces of our syntax. Use the format code syntax {field_name: conversion}, where field_name specifies the index number of the argument to the str.format() method, and conversion refers to the conversion code of the data type.



# Python program to convert float to exponential
# Declaring the float number
float_number = 1101.02
# Converting the float number to exponential number
exp_number = "{:e}".format(float_number)
# Printing the converted number
print("Float Number:",float_number)
print("Exponent Number:",exp_number)




Float Number: 1101.02
Exponent Number: 1.101020e+03


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