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Python program to convert exponential to float

  • Last Updated : 23 Dec, 2020

Given a number in exponential format, the task is to write a Python program to convert the number from exponential format to float. The exponential number is a way of representing a number.


Input: 1.900000e+01
Output: 19.0

Input: 2.002000e+03
Output: 2002.0

Input: 1.101020e+05
Output: 110102.0


  • First, we will declare an exponential number and save it in a variable.
  • Then we will use the float() function to convert it to float datatype.
  • Then we will print the converted number.



The float() method is used to return a floating-point number from a number or a string.



# Python program to convert exponential to float
# Declaring the exponential number
exp_number = "{:e}".format(110102)
# Converting it to float data type
float_number = float(exp_number)
# Printing the converted number
print("Exponent Number:",exp_number)
print("Float Number:",float_number)


Exponent Number: 1.101020e+05
Float Number: 110102.0

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