Python program to convert any base to decimal by using int() method

Given a number and its base, the task is to convert the given number into its corresponding decimal number. The base of number can be anything like digits between 0 to 9 and A to Z. Where the value of A is 10, value of B is 11, value of C is 12 and so on. 


Input : '1011' 
base = 2 
Output : 11 

Input : '1A' 
base = 16
Output : 26

Input : '12345' 
base = 8
Output : 5349

Approach –

  • Given number in string form and base 
  • Now call the builtin function int(‘number’, base) by passing the two parameters any base number in String form and base of that number and store the value in temp 
  • Print the value temp






# Python program to convert any base
# number to its corresponding decimal
# number
# Function to convert any base number
# to its corresponding decimal number
def any_base_to_decimal(number, base):
    # calling the builtin function 
    # int(number, base) by passing 
    # two arguments in it number in
    # string form and base and store
    # the output value in temp
    temp = int(number, base)
    # printing the corresponding decimal
    # number
# Driver's Code
if __name__ == '__main__' :
    hexadecimal_number = '1A'
    base = 16
    any_base_to_decimal(hexadecimal_number, base)



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