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Python program to check if a string has at least one letter and one number
  • Last Updated : 29 Aug, 2020

Given a string in Python. The task is to check whether the string has at least one letter(character) and one number. Return “True” if the given string full fill above condition else return “False” (without quotes).

Input: welcome2ourcountry34
Output: True

Input: stringwithoutnum
Output: False

The approach is simple we will use loop and two flags for letter and number. These flags will check whether the string contains letter and number. In the end, we will take AND of both flags to check if both are true or not. Letters can be checked in Python String using the isalpha() method and numbers can be checked using the isdigit() method.


def checkString(str):
    # intializing flag variable
    flag_l = False
    flag_n = False
    # checking for letter and numbers in 
    # given string
    for i in str:
        # if string has letter
        if i.isalpha():
            flag_l = True
        # if string has number
        if i.isdigit():
            flag_n = True
    # returning and of flag
    # for checking required condition
    return flag_l and flag_n
# driver code



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