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Python program to capitalize the first and last character of each word in a string

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 30 Jan, 2020

Given the string, the task is to capitalise the first and last character of each word in a string.


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Input: hello world 
Output: HellO WorlD

Input: welcome to geeksforgeeks
Output: WelcomE TO GeeksforgeekS


  • Access the last element using indexing.
  • Capitalize the first word using title() method.
  • Then join the each word using join() method.
  • Perform all the operations inside lambda for writing the code in one-line.

Below is the implementation.

# Python program to capitalize
# first and last character of 
# each word of a String
# Function to do the same
def word_both_cap(str):
    #lamda function for capitalizing the
    # first and last letter of words in 
    # the string
    return ' '.join(map(lambda s: s[:-1]+s[-1].upper(), 
# Driver's code
s = "welcome to geeksforgeeks"
print("String before:", s)
print("String after:", word_both_cap(str))


String before: welcome to geeksforgeeks
String after: WelcomE TO GeeksforgeekS
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