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Python program to add two numbers

  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 18 Oct, 2018

Given two numbers num1 and num2. The task is to write a Python program to find the addition of these two numbers.


Input: num1 = 5, num2 = 3
Output: 8

Input: num1 = 13, num2 = 6
Output: 19

In the below program to add two numbers, the user is first asked to enter two numbers and the input is scanned using the input() function and stored in the variables number1 and number2. Then, the variables number1 and number2 are added using the arithmetic operator + and the result is stored in the variable sum.

Below is the Python program to add two numbers:

Example 1:

# Python3 program to add two numbers
num1 = 15
num2 = 12
# Adding two nos
sum = num1 + num2
# printing values
print("Sum of {0} and {1} is {2}" .format(num1, num2, sum))


Sum of 15 and 12 is 27

Example 2: Adding two number provided by user input

# Python3 program to add two numbers
number1 = input("First number: ")
number2 = input("\nSecond number: ")
# Adding two numbers
# User might also enter float numbers
sum = float(number1) + float(number2)
# Display the sum
# will print value in float
print("The sum of {0} and {1} is {2}" .format(number1, number2, sum))


First number: 13.5 Second number: 1.54
The sum of 13.5 and 1.54 is 15.04
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