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Python program for Zip, Zap and Zoom game

  • Last Updated : 04 Feb, 2021

Zip zap zoom is a fun game that requires its players to concentrate and participate actively. When this game is played with people, this is how it is played:

  • Players stand in a circle, 6 feet away from each other
  • One player starts the game by clap-pointing and saying zap to the person on its left
  • This person now does the same to the person to its right and says zap
  • Third person so selected now can choose anyone irrespective of the direction by saying zoom
  • Now the person so selected starts the game again with zap and the continues in this fashion
  • If somebody messes up in between the game is restarted.

In Python programming this game will be achieved by the following approach.


  • Take in a number as input from the user.
  • Check if the number is multiple of both 3 and 5, if it is then print “Zoom”.
  • If it is not, then check if the number is a multiple of 3, if it is then print “Zip”.
  • If it is a multiple of 5 instead, print “Zap”.
  • Else, print a default statement.



Here is a simple and fun illustration describing the same:



#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
void zzz(int number)
    if (number % 3 == 0 && number % 5 == 0)
        cout << "Zoom\n";
    else if (number % 3 == 0)     
        cout << "Zip\n";
    else if (number % 5 == 0)       
        cout << "Zap\n";
        cout << "Invalid number!\n"
// Driver code
int main()
    // Calling function
    return 0;
// This code is contributed by svrrrsvr


def main():
def zzz(number):
    if number % 3 == 0 and number % 5 == 0:
    elif number % 3 == 0:
    elif number % 5 == 0:
        print("Invalid number!")


Invalid number!

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