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Python program for word guessing game

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 29 Nov, 2022
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Python is a powerful multi-purpose programming language used by multiple giant companies. It has simple and easy-to-use syntax making it the perfect language for someone trying to learn computer programming for the first time. It is a high-level programming language, and its core design philosophy is all about code readability and syntax that allows programmers to express concepts in a few lines of code.

In this article, we will use the random module to make a word-guessing game. This game is for beginners learning to code in python and to give them a little brief about using strings, loops, and conditional(If, else) statements.

random module: Sometimes we want the computer to pick a random number in a given range, pick a random element from a list, pick a random card from a deck, flip a coin, etc. The random module provides access to functions that support these types of operations. One such operation is random.choice() method (returns a random item from a list, tuple, or string.) that we are going to use in order to select one random word from a list of words that we’ve created.

Example 1: Word guessing game

In this game, there is a list of words present, out of which our interpreter will choose 1 random word. The user first has to input their names and then, will be asked to guess any alphabet. If the random word contains that alphabet, it will be shown as the output(with correct placement) else the program will ask you to guess another alphabet. The user will be given 12 turns(which can be changed accordingly) to guess the complete word.

Below is the python implementation: 


import random
# library that we use in order to choose
# on random words from a list of words
name = input("What is your name? ")
# Here the user is asked to enter the name first
print("Good Luck ! ", name)
words = ['rainbow', 'computer', 'science', 'programming',
         'python', 'mathematics', 'player', 'condition',
         'reverse', 'water', 'board', 'geeks']
# Function will choose one random
# word from this list of words
word = random.choice(words)
print("Guess the characters")
guesses = ''
# any number of turns can be used here
turns = 12
while turns > 0:
    # counts the number of times a user fails
    failed = 0
    # all characters from the input
    # word taking one at a time.
    for char in word:
        # comparing that character with
        # the character in guesses
        if char in guesses:
            print(char, end=" ")
            # for every failure 1 will be
            # incremented in failure
            failed += 1
    if failed == 0:
        # user will win the game if failure is 0
        # and 'You Win' will be given as output
        print("You Win")
        # this print the correct word
        print("The word is: ", word)
    # if user has input the wrong alphabet then
    # it will ask user to enter another alphabet
    guess = input("guess a character:")
    # every input character will be stored in guesses
    guesses += guess
    # check input with the character in word
    if guess not in word:
        turns -= 1
        # if the character doesn’t match the word
        # then “Wrong” will be given as output
        # this will print the number of
        # turns left for the user
        print("You have", + turns, 'more guesses')
        if turns == 0:
            print("You Loose")


What is your name? Gautam
Good Luck!  Gautam
Guess the characters
guess a character:g
guess a character:e
guess a character:k
guess a character:s
You Win
The word is:  geeks 

Code Explanation:

  1. The code starts by asking the user to enter their name.
  2. The code then prints a message saying “Good Luck!”
  3. and sets a variable called name to the inputted name.
  4. Next, the code creates a list of words using the built-in function word().
  5. This function takes in an input string and returns a list of strings.
  6. In this case, the list will contain five strings: rainbow, computer, science, programming, and python.
  7. The next part of the code is where the randomness happens.
  8. The code will randomly choose one string from the list of words and store it in word variable.
  9. Then it will print out that word along with a space at the end.
  10. After printing out each word, the code checks to see if any user has entered an incorrect letter by comparing each character in guess with those in word .
  11. If they don’t match up then guess is set to “Wrong” and turns is decreased by 1 .
  12. If there are no more letters left in guess , then Guess You Lose is printed .
  13. Otherwise turn s is increased by 1 and loop continues until either Guess You Win or Wrong is printed .
  14. Finally , if turn s equals 0 , then you have won !
  15. Otherwise Wrong will be
  16. The code will randomly choose one word from a list of words.
  17. The user is then asked to enter the characters for that word.
  18. Once the user enters all of the characters, the code checks to see if those characters are in the word that was chosen.
  19. If they are not, it prints out “Wrong” and decreases the number of turns left for the user by 1.
  20. If all turns have been used, then the code will print “You Lose.”

Example 2: Word guessing game using python

In this game, the user needs to enter 5 letter word, if any alphabet is present in the magic word that word will be shown yellow and if the alphabet is present at the same position alphabet will turn green, and if the alphabet is not present in the word then alphabet will become black.



import random
words = ('which', 'there', 'their', 'about', 'would', 'these', 'other', 'words', 'could', 'write', 'first', 'water', 'after', 'where', 'right', 'think', 'three', 'years', 'place', 'sound', 'great', 'again', 'still', 'every', 'small', 'found', 'those', 'never', 'under', 'might', 'while', 'house', 'world', 'below', 'asked', 'going', 'large', 'until', 'along', 'shall', 'being', 'often', 'earth', 'began', 'since', 'study', 'night', 'light', 'above', 'paper', 'parts', 'young', 'story', 'point', 'times', 'heard', 'whole', 'white', 'given', 'means', 'music', 'miles', 'thing', 'today', 'later', 'using', 'money', 'lines', 'order', 'group', 'among', 'learn', 'known', 'space', 'table', 'early', 'trees', 'short', 'hands', 'state', 'black', 'shown', 'stood', 'front', 'voice', 'kinds', 'makes', 'comes', 'close', 'power', 'lived', 'vowel', 'taken', 'built', 'heart', 'ready', 'quite', 'class', 'bring', 'round', 'horse', 'shows', 'piece', 'green', 'stand', 'birds', 'start', 'river', 'tried', 'least', 'field', 'whose', 'girls', 'leave', 'added', 'color', 'third', 'hours', 'moved', 'plant', 'doing', 'names', 'forms', 'heavy', 'ideas', 'cried', 'check', 'floor', 'begin', 'woman', 'alone', 'plane', 'spell', 'watch', 'carry', 'wrote', 'clear', 'named', 'books', 'child', 'glass', 'human', 'takes', 'party', 'build', 'seems', 'blood', 'sides', 'seven', 'mouth', 'solve', 'north', 'value', 'death', 'maybe', 'happy', 'tells', 'gives', 'looks', 'shape', 'lives', 'steps', 'areas', 'sense', 'speak', 'force', 'ocean', 'speed', 'women', 'metal', 'south', 'grass', 'scale', 'cells', 'lower', 'sleep', 'wrong', 'pages', 'ships', 'needs', 'rocks', 'eight', 'major', 'level', 'total', 'ahead', 'reach', 'stars', 'store', 'sight', 'terms', 'catch', 'works', 'board', 'cover', 'songs', 'equal', 'stone', 'waves', 'guess', 'dance', 'spoke', 'break', 'cause', 'radio', 'weeks', 'lands', 'basic', 'liked', 'trade', 'fresh', 'final', 'fight', 'meant', 'drive', 'spent', 'local', 'waxes', 'knows', 'train', 'bread', 'homes', 'teeth', 'coast', 'thick', 'brown', 'clean', 'quiet', 'sugar', 'facts', 'steel', 'forth', 'rules', 'notes', 'units', 'peace', 'month', 'verbs', 'seeds', 'helps', 'sharp', 'visit', 'woods', 'chief', 'walls', 'cross', 'wings', 'grown', 'cases', 'foods', 'crops', 'fruit', 'stick', 'wants', 'stage', 'sheep', 'nouns', 'plain', 'drink', 'bones', 'apart', 'turns', 'moves', 'touch', 'angle', 'based', 'range', 'marks', 'tired', 'older', 'farms', 'spend', 'shoes', 'goods', 'chair', 'twice', 'cents', 'empty', 'alike', 'style', 'broke', 'pairs', 'count', 'enjoy', 'score', 'shore', 'roots', 'paint', 'heads', 'shook', 'serve', 'angry', 'crowd', 'wheel', 'quick', 'dress', 'share', 'alive', 'noise', 'solid', 'cloth', 'signs', 'hills', 'types', 'drawn', 'worth', 'truck', 'piano', 'upper', 'loved', 'usual', 'faces', 'drove', 'cabin', 'boats', 'towns', 'proud', 'court', 'model', 'prime', 'fifty', 'plans', 'yards', 'prove', 'tools', 'price', 'sheet', 'smell', 'boxes', 'raise', 'match', 'truth', 'roads', 'threw', 'enemy', 'lunch', 'chart', 'scene', 'graph', 'doubt', 'guide', 'winds', 'block', 'grain', 'smoke', 'mixed', 'games', 'wagon', 'sweet', 'topic', 'extra', 'plate', 'title', 'knife', 'fence', 'falls', 'cloud', 'wheat', 'plays', 'enter', 'broad', 'steam', 'atoms', 'press', 'lying', 'basis', 'clock', 'taste', 'grows', 'thank', 'storm', 'agree', 'brain', 'track', 'smile', 'funny', 'beach', 'stock', 'hurry', 'saved', 'sorry', 'giant', 'trail', 'offer', 'ought', 'rough', 'daily', 'avoid', 'keeps', 'throw', 'allow', 'cream', 'laugh', 'edges', 'teach', 'frame', 'bells', 'dream', 'magic', 'occur', 'ended', 'chord', 'false', 'skill', 'holes', 'dozen', 'brave', 'apple', 'climb', 'outer', 'pitch', 'ruler', 'holds', 'fixed', 'costs', 'calls', 'blank', 'staff', 'labor', 'eaten', 'youth', 'tones', 'honor', 'globe', 'gases', 'doors', 'poles', 'loose', 'apply', 'tears', 'exact', 'brush', 'chest', 'layer', 'whale', 'minor', 'faith', 'tests', 'judge', 'items', 'worry', 'waste', 'hoped', 'strip', 'begun', 'aside', 'lakes', 'bound', 'depth', 'candy', 'event', 'worse', 'aware', 'shell', 'rooms', 'ranch', 'image', 'snake', 'aloud', 'dried', 'likes', 'motor', 'pound', 'knees', 'refer', 'fully', 'chain', 'shirt', 'flour', 'drops', 'spite', 'orbit', 'banks', 'shoot', 'curve', 'tribe', 'tight', 'blind', 'slept', 'shade', 'claim', 'flies', 'theme', 'queen', 'fifth', 'union', 'hence', 'straw', 'entry', 'issue', 'birth', 'feels', 'anger', 'brief', 'rhyme', 'glory', 'guard', 'flows', 'flesh', 'owned', 'trick', 'yours', 'sizes', 'noted', 'width', 'burst', 'route', 'lungs', 'uncle', 'bears', 'royal', 'kings', 'forty', 'trial', 'cards', 'brass', 'opera', 'chose', 'owner', 'vapor', 'beats', 'mouse', 'tough', 'wires', 'meter', 'tower', 'finds', 'inner', 'stuck', 'arrow', 'poems', 'label', 'swing', 'solar', 'truly', 'tense', 'beans', 'split', 'rises', 'weigh', 'hotel', 'stems', 'pride', 'swung', 'grade', 'digit', 'badly', 'boots', 'pilot', 'sales', 'swept', 'lucky', 'prize', 'stove', 'tubes', 'acres', 'wound', 'steep', 'slide', 'trunk', 'error', 'porch', 'slave', 'exist', 'faced', 'mines', 'marry', 'juice', 'raced', 'waved', 'goose', 'trust', 'fewer', 'favor', 'mills', 'views', 'joint', 'eager', 'spots', 'blend', 'rings', 'adult', 'index', 'nails', 'horns', 'balls', 'flame', 'rates', 'drill', 'trace', 'skins', 'waxed', 'seats', 'stuff', 'ratio', 'minds', 'dirty', 'silly', 'coins', 'hello', 'trips', 'leads', 'rifle', 'hopes', 'bases', 'shine', 'bench', 'moral', 'fires', 'meals', 'shake', 'shops', 'cycle', 'movie', 'slope', 'canoe', 'teams', 'folks', 'fired', 'bands', 'thumb', 'shout', 'canal', 'habit', 'reply', 'ruled', 'fever', 'crust', 'shelf', 'walks', 'midst', 'crack', 'print', 'tales', 'coach', 'stiff', 'flood', 'verse', 'awake', 'rocky', 'march', 'fault', 'swift', 'faint', 'civil', 'ghost', 'feast', 'blade', 'limit', 'germs', 'reads', 'ducks', 'dairy', 'worst', 'gifts', 'lists', 'stops', 'rapid', 'brick', 'claws', 'beads', 'beast', 'skirt', 'cakes', 'lions', 'frogs', 'tries', 'nerve', 'grand', 'armed', 'treat', 'honey', 'moist', 'legal', 'penny', 'crown', 'shock', 'taxes', 'sixty', 'altar', 'pulls', 'sport', 'drums', 'talks', 'dying', 'dates', 'drank', 'blows', 'lever', 'wages', 'proof', 'drugs', 'tanks', 'sings', 'tails', 'pause', 'herds', 'arose', 'hated', 'clues', 'novel', 'shame', 'burnt', 'races', 'flash', 'weary', 'heels', 'token', 'coats', 'spare', 'shiny', 'alarm', 'dimes', 'sixth', 'clerk', 'mercy', 'sunny', 'guest', 'float', 'shone', 'pipes', 'worms', 'bills', 'sweat', 'suits', 'smart', 'upset', 'rains', 'sandy', 'rainy', 'parks', 'sadly', 'fancy', 'rider', 'unity', 'bunch', 'rolls', 'crash', 'craft', 'newly', 'gates', 'hatch', 'paths', 'funds', 'wider', 'grace', 'grave', 'tides', 'admit', 'shift', 'sails', 'pupil', 'tiger', 'angel', 'cruel', 'agent', 'drama', 'urged', 'patch', 'nests', 'vital', 'sword', 'blame', 'weeds', 'screw', 'vocal', 'bacon', 'chalk', 'cargo', 'crazy', 'acted', 'goats', 'arise', 'witch', 'loves', 'queer', 'dwell', 'backs', 'ropes', 'shots', 'merry', 'phone', 'cheek', 'peaks', 'ideal', 'beard', 'eagle', 'creek', 'cries', 'ashes', 'stall', 'yield', 'mayor', 'opens', 'input', 'fleet', 'tooth', 'cubic', 'wives', 'burns', 'poets', 'apron', 'spear', 'organ', 'cliff', 'stamp', 'paste', 'rural', 'baked', 'chase', 'slice', 'slant', 'knock', 'noisy', 'sorts', 'stays', 'wiped', 'blown', 'piled', 'clubs', 'cheer', 'widow', 'twist', 'tenth', 'hides', 'comma', 'sweep', 'spoon', 'stern', 'crept', 'maple', 'deeds', 'rides', 'muddy', 'crime', 'jelly', 'ridge', 'drift', 'dusty', 'devil', 'tempo', 'humor', 'sends', 'steal', 'tents', 'waist', 'roses', 'reign', 'noble', 'cheap', 'dense', 'linen', 'geese', 'woven', 'posts', 'hired', 'wrath', 'salad', 'bowed', 'tires', 'shark', 'belts', 'grasp', 'blast', 'polar', 'fungi', 'tends', 'pearl', 'loads', 'jokes', 'veins', 'frost', 'hears', 'loses', 'hosts', 'diver', 'phase', 'toads', 'alert', 'tasks', 'seams', 'coral', 'focus', 'naked', 'puppy', 'jumps', 'spoil', 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def isword(user_word,wordly_word):
    for x in user_word:
        print(x,end="  ")
     #If alphabet present in same position green
      #if alphabet present in word yellow
      #if alphabet is not present black
    for i in range(len(user_word)):
        if user_word[i] == wordly_word[i]:
            print("????",end ="")
        elif user_word[i] in wordly_word:
      #if word present return true else return false
    if user_word == wordly_word:
        return 1
        return 0
import random
random_word = random.choice(words)
print("Let's Play Wordle")
message,i  = {0:"Marvelluos",1:"Excellent",2:"Very good",3:"Nice",4:"Good",5:"Ok"},6
while i>0:
    user_word=input("\nEnter word: ")
    if (len(user_word)==5 and user_word.isalpha()):
        i = i-1
        if isword(user_word,random_word):
        print("Please enter a valid word")
    print("End of Game, the correct word is:",random_word)



Code Explanation: 

  1. The code starts by importing the random module.
  2. This module provides a way to generate random numbers.
  3. Next, the code creates someWords, which is a list of fruit names.
  4. The list is split into spaces using the string ‘ ‘, and then each space is replaced with a letter.
  5. Next, the code randomly selects a secret word from our someWords list.
  6. This word will be used as the input for the game later on.
  7. The next part of the code checks to see if the user has entered an alpha character (a letter that appears in front of other letters).
  8. If not, then they are asked to enter only a letter.
  9. If they enter an alpha character, then it’s assumed that they want to guess at another letter in word .
  10. So, this part of the code checks to see if guess matches one of the letters in word .
  11. If it does, then chances is updated and flag is set to 1 .
  12. Otherwise, chances is decreased by 1 and flag remains at 0 .
  13. The next part of the code tries to guess at another letter in word .
  14. If guess isn’t valid (i.e., it doesn’t match any of the letters in word ), then print() prints out all empty spaces for letters in word , and
  15. The code starts by importing the random module.
  16. This module provides us with a number of useful functions, one of which is the choice function.
  17. This function allows us to randomly choose a secret word from our list of words.
  18. Next, we create some variables which will be used throughout the program.
  19. These include someWords , word and letterGuessed .
  20. letterGuessed will store the letter guessed by the player, while chances will store the number of times that the player has correctly guessed the word so far.
  21. correct will keep track of how many letters have been guessed so far and flag will indicate whether or not the player has guessed the word correctly.
  22. We then start looping through our list of words and randomly choosing a secret word from it.

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