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Python Program for Gnome Sort

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In this article we are going to see Gnome Sort with Python.

Algorithm Steps:

  • If you are at the start of the array then go to the right element (from arr[0] to arr[1]).
  • If the current array element is larger or equal to the previous array element then go one step right
                   if (arr[i] >= arr[i-1])
  • If the current array element is smaller than the previous array element then swap these two elements and go one step backwards 
                       if (arr[i] < arr[i-1])
swap(arr[i], arr[i-1]);
  • Repeat steps 2) and 3) till ‘i’ reaches the end of the array (i.e- ‘n-1’)
  • If the end of the array is reached then stop and the array is sorted.


# Python program to implement Gnome Sort
# A function to sort the given list using Gnome sort
def gnomeSort(arr, n):
    index = 0
    while index < n:
        if index == 0:
            index = index + 1
        if arr[index] >= arr[index - 1]:
            index = index + 1
            arr[index], arr[index - 1] = arr[index - 1], arr[index]
            index = index - 1
    return arr
# Driver Code
arr = [34, 2, 10, -9]
n = len(arr)
arr = gnomeSort(arr, n)
print("Sorted sequence after applying Gnome Sort:", end=" ")
for i in arr:
    print(i, end=" ")
# Contributed By Harshit Agrawal


Sorted sequence after applying Gnome Sort : -9 2 10 34

Time Complexity: O(n2)

Auxiliary Space: O(1)
Please refer complete article on Gnome Sort for more details!

Last Updated : 28 Aug, 2023
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