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Python Program for Bubble Sort

  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 16 Sep, 2021

Bubble Sort is the simplest sorting algorithm that works by repeatedly swapping the adjacent elements if they are in wrong order. 

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# Python program for implementation of Bubble Sort
def bubbleSort(arr):
    n = len(arr)
    # Traverse through all array elements
    for i in range(n-1):
    # range(n) also work but outer loop will repeat one time more than needed.
        # Last i elements are already in place
        for j in range(0, n-i-1):
            # traverse the array from 0 to n-i-1
            # Swap if the element found is greater
            # than the next element
            if arr[j] > arr[j + 1] :
                arr[j], arr[j + 1] = arr[j + 1], arr[j]
# Driver code to test above
arr = [64, 34, 25, 12, 22, 11, 90]
print ("Sorted array is:")
for i in range(len(arr)):
    print ("% d" % arr[i]),

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def bubblesort(elements):
# Looping from size of array from last index[-1] to index [0]
for n in range(len(elements)-1, 0, -1):
for i in range(n):
if elements[i] > elements[i + 1]:
# swapping data if the element is less than next element in the array
elements[i], elements[i + 1] = elements[i + 1], elements[i]
elements = []
# taking size of array from user
size = int(input("Enter How many number you want to sort:"))
# taking array data from the user
for i in range(size):
value = int(input("Enter the element:"))
print("Array :", elements)
print("Sorted Array is, ")
for i in range(size):
print(elements[i], end =" ")

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