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Python | Pandas Series.tolist()

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Python is a great language for doing data analysis, primarily because of the fantastic ecosystem of data-centric Python packages. Pandas is one of those packages and makes importing and analyzing data much easier.

Pandas tolist() is used to convert a series to list. Initially the series is of type pandas.core.series.Series and applying tolist() method, it is converted to list data type.

Syntax: Series.tolist()

Return type: Converted series into List

To download the data set used in following example, click here.
In the following examples, the data frame used contains data of some NBA players. The image of data frame before any operations is attached below.

In this example, the data type of Name column is stored in a variable. After that it is converted using tolist() method and again data type is stored and printed.

# importing pandas module 
import pandas as pd 
# importing regex module
import re
# making data frame 
# removing null values to avoid errors 
data.dropna(inplace = True
# storing dtype before operation
dtype_before = type(data["Salary"])
# converting to list
salary_list = data["Salary"].tolist()
# storing dtype after operation
dtype_after = type(salary_list)
# printing dtype
print("Data type before converting = {}\nData type after converting = {}".format(dtype_before, dtype_after))
# displaying list

As shown in the output image, the data type was converted from Series to List. The output of salary_list was in list format.

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Last Updated : 01 Oct, 2018
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