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Python – os.pardir() method with example

  • Last Updated : 18 May, 2020

In Python, OS module provides various functions to interact with the operating system. This module comes under the Python standard utility module, so there is no need to install it manually.

os.pardir is a constant string used by the operating system to refer to the parent directory. This method is also available via os.path.pardir()

Note: os.pardir is ‘.. for UNIX based OS and ‘::‘ for Mac OS.

Syntax: os.pardir

Return type: a string that refers to the parent directory.

Example 1:

# Python program to demonstrate
# os.pardir
import os
# prints .. by default



Example 2: Let’s print the parent of current working directory.

# Python program to demonstrate
# os.pardir
import os
# current working directory
path = os.getcwd()
print("Current Directory:", path)
# parent directory
parent = os.path.join(path, os.pardir)
# prints parent directory
print("\nParent Directory:", os.path.abspath(parent))


Current Directory: /home/geeks/Desktop/gfg

Parent Directory: /home/geeks/Desktop

Example 3: Getting the parent of specified path.

# Python program to demonstrate
# os.pardir
import os
# path
path = "your/path/for/parent/directory"
print("Path:", path)
# parent
parent = os.path.join(path, os.pardir)
# prints the relative file path 
# for the current directory (parent)
print("\nParent:", os.path.relpath(parent))


Path: your/path/for/parent/directory

Parent: your/path/for/parent

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