Python | os.DirEntry.path attribute

OS module in Python provides functions for interacting with the operating system. OS comes under Python’s standard utility modules. This module provides a portable way of using operating system dependent functionality.

os.scandir() method of os module yields os.DirEntry objects corresponding to the entries in the directory given by specified path. os.DirEntry object has various attributes and method which is used to expose the file path and other file attributes of the directory entry.

path attribute of os.DirEntry object is used to get entry’s full path name. The full path is absolute only if the path parameter used in os.scandir() method is absolute. Also if os.scandir() method path parameter was a file descriptor then the value of os.DirEntry.path attribute is same as attribute.

Note: os.DirEntry objects are intended to be used and thrown away after iteration as attributes and methods of the object cache their values and never refetch the values again. If the metadata of the file has been changed or if a long time has elapsed since calling os.scandir() method. we will not get up-to-date information.

Syntax: os.DirEntry.path

Parameter: None

Return value: This attribute returns a bytes value if os.scandir() path parameter is bytes otherwise returns a string value which represents the entry’s full path.

Code #1: Use of os.DirEntry.path attribute





# Python program to explain os.DirEntry.path attribute 
# importing os module  
import os
# Directory to be scanned
# Current working directory
path = os.getcwd()
# Using os.scandir() method
# scan the specified directory
# and yield os.DirEntry object
# for each file and sub-directory
print("Full path of all directory entry in '% s':" % path) 
with os.scandir(path) as itr:
    for entry in itr :
        # Exclude the entry name
        # starting with '.'  
        if not'.') :
            # print entry's name
            # and its full path 
            print(, ":", entry.path)



Full path of all directory entry in '/home/ihritik':
Public : /home/ihritik/Public
Desktop : /home/ihritik/Deskop
R : /home/ihritik/R
foo.txt : /home/ihritik/foo.txt
graph.cpp : /home/ihritik/graph.cpp
tree.cpp : /home/ihritik/tree.cpp
Pictures : /home/ihritik/Pictures : /home/ihritik/
file.txt : /home/ihritik/file.txt
Videos : /home/ihritik/Videos
images : /home/ihritik/images
Downloads : /home/ihritik/Downloads
GeeksforGeeks : /home/ihritik/GeeksforGeeks
Music : /home/ihritik/Music
Documents : /home/ihritik/Documents


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