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Python MariaDB – Insert into Table using PyMySQL

  • Last Updated : 14 Oct, 2020

MariaDB is an open source Database Management System and its predecessor to MySQL. The pymysql client can be used to interact with MariaDB similar to that of MySQL using Python.

In this article we will look into the process of inserting rows to a table of the database using pymysql. You can insert one row or multiple rows at once. The connector code is required to connect the commands to the particular database. To insert data use the following syntax:

Syntax: INSERT INTO table_name column1, column2 VALUES (value1, value2)

Note: The INSERT query is used to insert one or multiple rows in a table.

Example : 

To insert one row in table PRODUCT.


# import the mysql client for python
import pymysql
# Create a connection object
# IP address of the MySQL database server
Host = "localhost"  
# User name of the database server
User = "user"       
# Password for the database user
Password = ""           
database = "database_name"
conn  = pymysql.connect(host=Host, user=User, password=Password, database)
# Create a cursor object
cur  = conn.cursor()
PRODUCT_ID = '1201'
price = 10000
print(f"{cur.rowcount} details inserted")

Output :

inserting rows into table in mariadbinserting rows into table in mariadb

To insert multiple values at once, executemany() method is used. This method iterates through the sequence of parameters, passing the current parameter to the execute method.

Example : 

To insert multiple row in table PRODUCT.


query = "INSERT INTO PRODUCT (PRODUCT_ID, price,PRODUCT_TYPE) VALUES ('%s', %d, '%s')"
values = [("1203",1000,"ILL"),
print(f"{cur.rowcount}, details inserted")

Output :

inserting multiple rows into table in mariadbinserting multiple rows into table in mariadb

Note :

  • The cursor() is used in order to iterate through the rows.
  • Without the command conn.commit() the changes will not be saved.

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