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Python | Join cycle in list

  • Last Updated : 27 Aug, 2019

Sometimes, while dealing with graph problems in competitive programming, we have a list of pairs and we need to find if there is a possible cycle in it, and print all the elements in that cycle. Let’s discuss certain way in which this problem can be tackled.

Method : Using yield + loop + generator
The brute method to perform is to use a generator and keep printing the value if we know that the elements surely form a cycle and this is done by infinite loop and stopping when no more matches are found.

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# Python3 code to demonstrate working of
# Join cycle in list
# Using yield + loop + generator
# helper function to perform this task 
def cycle(test_list, val, stop = None):
    temp = dict(test_list)
    stop = stop if stop is not None else val
    while True:
        yield (val)
        val = temp.get(val, stop)
        if val == stop: break
# initializing list
test_list = [[6, 7], [9, 6], [7, 9]]
# printing original list
print("The original list is : " + str(test_list))
# Join cycle in list
# Using yield + loop + generator
# printing result
print("The cycle elements are : ")
for ele in cycle(test_list, 6):
Output :
The original list is : [[6, 7], [9, 6], [7, 9]]
The cycle elements are : 
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