Python | Generate Personalized Data from given list of expressions

Given different lists of expressions, the task is to generate a random combination of these expressions in a csv file for some purposes such as test databases contrary to ordinal data simulator which generates datasets from random numbers and standard names.


Input :lists of your own expressions 
Names   = ['David', 'Emilia', 'John', 'Karmen'], 
Hobbies = ['Hiking', 'football', 'Gaming', 'Skydiving'],
skills  = ['Communication', 'leadership', 'cooking']
Output : a csv file with a random combination of expressions
Names, Age, Hobbies, skills
Emilia, 54, "['football', 'Hiking']", leadership
David, 22, "['Skydiving', 'Gaming']", cooking
Emilia, 59, "['football', 'Skydiving']", leadership
Emilia, 45, "['Gaming', 'football']", leadership
David, 62, "['Hiking', 'football']", cooking
David, 56, "['football', 'Hiking']", leadership
John, 17, "['Gaming', 'football']", cooking
David, 28, "['Gaming', 'football']", leadership
David, 28, "['Skydiving', 'football']", cooking
John, 17, "['Gaming', 'Skydiving']", cooking
John, 61, "['Hiking', 'football']", cooking
John, 44, "['Hiking', 'Gaming']", leadership
Emilia, 17, "['Hiking', 'Gaming']", Communication
Karmen, 34, "['football', 'Skydiving']", leadership
Emilia, 65, "['football', 'Hiking']", leadership

Code : Generating Personalised Data





# importing libraries
import csv
import random
# create a csv file named "abc" that contains our dataset
with open('abc.csv', 'w', newline ='') as f: 
    file = csv.writer(f)
    file.writerow(['Names', 'Age', 'Hobbies', 'skills'])
    # generate rows as much as wanted
    for i in range (1, 10) :                          
        Names =['David', 'Emilia', 'John', 'Karmen']
        Hobbies =['Hiking', 'football', 'Gaming', 'Skydiving']
        skills =['Communication', 'leadership', 'cooking']
        file.writerow([random.choice(Names), random.randint(17, 65), 
                       random.sample(Hobbies, 2), random.choice(skills)])


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