Python | Excel File Comparison

Given Two Excel Files, We want to compare the values of each column row-wise after sorting the values and print the changed column name and row number and values change.

Input : 
Two Excel files

Output :
Column name : 'location' and Row Number : 0
Column name : 'location' and Row Number : 3
Column name : 'date' and Row Number     : 1

Code : Python code for comparing two excel files





# Write Python3 code here
# importing Pandas
import pandas as pd
#Reading two Excel Sheets
sheet1 = pd.read_excel(r'Book1.xlsx')
sheet2 = pd.read_excel(r'Book2.xlsx')
# Iterating the Columns Names of both Sheets
for i,j in zip(sheet1,sheet2):
    # Creating empty lists to append the columns values    
    a,b =[],[]
    # Iterating the columns values
    for m, n in zip(sheet1[i],sheet2[j]):
        # Appending values in lists
    # Sorting the lists
    # Iterating the list's values and comparing them
    for m, n in zip(range(len(a)), range(len(b))):
        if a[m] != b[n]:
            print('Column name : \'{}\' and Row Number : {}'.format(i,m))


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