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Python – Disjoint Strings across Lists
  • Last Updated : 11 Oct, 2020

Given two lists, extract all the string pairs which are disjoint across i.e. which don’t have any character in common.

Input : test_list1 = [“haritha”, “is”, “best”], test_list2 = [“she”, “loves”, “papaya”] 
Output : [(‘haritha’, ‘loves’), (‘is’, ‘papaya’), (‘best’, ‘papaya’)] 
Explanation : “is” and “papaya” has no character in common.

Input : test_list1 = [aa, cab], test_list2 = [“a”, “c”] 
Output : [] 
Explanation : No pair of disjoint Strings. 

Approach: Using set() + yield [ generator ] + reduce() + recursion

In this, we perform tasks of getting the disjoint strings using set & operation and extract dynamically using yield. Each subsequent string is checked for disjoint using recursion.


# Python3 code to demonstrate working of
# Disjoint Strings across Lists
# Using set() + yield [ generator ] + reduce() + recursion
from functools import reduce
# helper function
def dis_pairs(dpair, res=[]):
    # checking for disjoint pair
    if not dpair and not reduce(lambda a, b: set(a) & set(b), res):
        yield tuple(res)
    # recurring for subsequent pairs
    elif dpair:
        yield from [idx for k in dpair[0] for idx in dis_pairs(dpair[1:], res + [k])]
# initializing lists
test_list1 = ["haritha", "is", "best"]
test_list2 = ["she", "loves", "papaya"]
# printing original lists
print("The original list 1 is : " + str(test_list1))
print("The original list 2 is : " + str(test_list2))
# calling function
res = list(dis_pairs([test_list1, test_list2]))
# printing result
print("All possible Disjoint pairs : " + str(res))


The original list 1 is : [‘haritha’, ‘is’, ‘best’]
The original list 2 is : [‘she’, ‘loves’, ‘papaya’]
All possible Disjoint pairs : [(‘haritha’, ‘loves’), (‘is’, ‘papaya’), (‘best’, ‘papaya’)]

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