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Python Desktop Notifier using Plyer module

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This article demonstrates how to create a simple Desktop Notifier application using Python. A desktop notifier is a simple application which produces a notification message in form of a pop-up message on desktop. We will be using plyer module for the same.

Module Needed

  1. time: This module works with the time object and is installed by default
  2. Plyer: Plyer module is used to access the features of the hardware. This module does not comes built-in with Python. We need to install it externally. To install this module type the below command in the terminal.
pip install plyer 


Step 1) Import the notification class from the plyer module

from plyer import notification

Step 2) After that you just need to call the notify method of this class.

Syntax: notify(title=”, message=”, app_name=”, app_icon=”, timeout=10, ticker=”, toast=False)


  • title (str) – Title of the notification
  • message (str) – Message of the notification
  • app_name (str) – Name of the app launching this notification
  • app_icon (str) – Icon to be displayed along with the message
  • timeout (int) – time to display the message for, defaults to 10
  • ticker (str) – text to display on status bar as the notification arrives
  • toast (bool) – simple Android message instead of full notification

Step 3) Add the sleep function to show that notification again.

Below is the implementation.


import time
from plyer import notification
if __name__=="__main__":
            title = "HEADING HERE",
            message=" DESCRIPTION HERE" ,
            # displaying time
        # waiting time


Last Updated : 06 Jun, 2021
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