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Python | cmp() function
  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 24 Apr, 2020

cmp() method in Python 2.x compares two integers and returns -1, 0, 1 according to comparison.
cmp() does not work in python 3.x. You might want to see list comparison in Python.

cmp(a, b)
a and b are the two numbers in which the comparison is being done. 
-1 if a<b

0 if a=b

1 if a>b

# Python program to demonstrate the 
# use of cmp() method
# when a<b
a = 1 
b = 2 
print(cmp(a, b))  
# when a = b 
a = 2
b = 2 
print(cmp(a, b))  
# when a>b 
a = 3
b = 2 
print(cmp(a, b))



Practical Application: Program to check if a number is even or odd using cmp function.

Approach: Compare 0 and n%2, if it returns 0, then it is even, else its odd.

Below is the Python implementation of the above program:

# Python program to check if a number is  
# odd or even using cmp function  
# check 12  
n = 12 
if cmp(0, n % 2):  
# check 13     
n = 13 
if cmp(0, n % 2):  



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