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Python – Check whether a string starts and ends with the same character or not (using Regular Expression)

  • Last Updated : 18 May, 2021
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Given a string. The task is to write a regular expression to check whether a string starts and ends with the same character.

Input :  
Output :  

Input :  
Output :  

Input :  
Output :  

The input can be divide into 2 cases: 

  • Single character string: All single character strings satisfies the condition that they start and end with the same character. The regex for a string with only 1 character will be- 
  • Multiple character string: Here we need to check whether the first and the last character is same or not. We do this using \1. The regex will be- 

The two regular expressions can be combined using | 


In this program, we will use search() method of re module.
Below is the implementation.


# Python program to check if a string starts
# and ends with the same character
# import re module as it provides
# support for regular expressions
import re
# the regular  expression
regex = r'^[a-z]$|^([a-z]).*\1$'
# function for checking the string
def check(string):
    # pass the regular expression
    # and the string in the search() method
    if(, string)): 
if __name__ == '__main__' :
    sample1 = "abba"
    sample2 = "a"
    sample3 = "abcd"

Output : 



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