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Python and Jupyter Installation
  • Last Updated : 09 Sep, 2019

Install the python in windows.

Step1: Firstly open internet browser like chrome or firefox etc
Step2: In the search tab type this link “python”
Step3: Look for the downloads link in that website ,click on it to download the latest version of the python

Step4: After it gets downloaded we can install by clicking the executable file

In the setup process click install now and add the path

How to run a python code using command prompt

Step1: After the successful installation;
open the notepad –> copy the source code and paste it –>save the file in .py extension

Step2: after saving the file, open the command prompt and change the directory where the file is saved by
following command

then type python leave a space and enter the name of the file .py and click enter

Even though this type of running file using the command prompt is good it takes a lot of time to compile the code. There comes a solution to avoid this problem that is called jupyter notebook

Alternative way to install python using command prompt.

Before installing the latest python we can check python version by typing following command

python –version
if python is already installed.

if the python is not installed then follow the instruction below
step1: In command prompt just type the following command ——>
pip3 install python
this will install the latest version of python if our system is connected to the internet
upgrade pip by typing following command python -m pip install –upgrade pip
if you are using older version by running command prompt in administrative mode

then type
pip3 install python
python will get installed

How to install jupyter notebook in windows using command prompt

for easy using of code of python we should install jupyter notebook
this can be done by typing the following command ————-> pip3 install jupyter
This will install the jupyter notebook

after the required packages are installed successfully, type the following command to open the jupyter notebook
jupyter notebook

that’s all your localhost gets activated in the internet browser and your kernel is ready to start with writing the program


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