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PYGLET – Drawing Arc

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In this article we will see how we can draw arc on window in PYGLET module in python. Pyglet is easy to use but powerful library for developing visually rich GUI applications like games, multimedia etc. A window is a “heavyweight” object occupying operating system resources. Windows may appear as floating regions or can be set to fill an entire screen (fullscreen). An arc is a portion of the circumference of a circle. In the figure above, the arc is the blue part of the circle. Strictly speaking, an arc could be a portion of some other curved shape, such as an ellipse, but it almost always refers to a circle. Arc is drawn with the help of shapes module in pyglet.
We can create a window with the help of command given below  

# creating a window
window = pyglet.window.Window(width, height, title)

In order to create window we use Arc method with pyglet.shapes
Syntax : shapes.Arc(arc_x, arc_y, size_arc, segments, angle, color, batch=batch)
Argument : It takes first two integer i.e arc position, third integer as size, fourth is integer i.e segments, fifth is float i.e angle, sixth is color and last is batch object
Return : It returns Arc object 

Below is the implementation 


# importing pyglet module
import pyglet
# importing shapes from the pyglet
from pyglet import shapes
# width of window
width = 500
# height of window
height = 500
# caption i.e title of the window
title = "Geeksforgeeks"
# creating a window
window = pyglet.window.Window(width, height, title)
# creating a batch object
batch =
# properties of circle
# co-ordinates of circle
arc_x = 250
arc_y = 250
# size of arch
size_arc = 100
# segments
segments = 5
# angle
angle = 20
# color = green
color = (50, 225, 30)
# creating a arc
arc1 = shapes.Arc(arc_x, arc_y, size_arc, segments, angle, color, batch = batch)
# changing opacity of the arc1
# opacity is visibility (0 = invisible, 255 means visible)
arc1.opacity = 250
# creating another circle with other properties
# new position = circle1_position - 50
# new size = previous radius -20
# new color = red
color = (255, 30, 30)
# increase segments
segments = 10
# decreasing angle
angle = 7
# creating another arc
arc2 = shapes.Arc(arc_x-50, arc_y-50, size_arc-20, segments, angle, color, batch = batch)
# changing opacity of the arce2
arc2.opacity = 255
# window draw event
def on_draw():
    # clear the window
    # draw the batch
# run the pyglet application

Output : 

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Last Updated : 14 Apr, 2023
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