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PwC Interview Experience | FTE 2021 – Technology Consultant (On-Campus)

Last Updated : 26 Sep, 2020
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Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC) came to our college for B Tech Students of All CS and Circuit Branches with an Eligibility of 7 CGPA in UG and 70% in 10th 12th Each for Position – Associate, Location – Bangalore. Around 1700+ students applied for the role.

Round 1 : Written Round

Platform – Glider

30 Aptitude – 30 Mins

15 SQL – 15 Mins

15 JAVA/DSA – 15 Mins

The Aptitude was a bit tough as compared to other Big 4 companies’ Round 1 test.

Round 2 : Group Discussion

After Round 1, 168 Students were shortlisted for GD, and Different panels of 5 members each were made.

There were two Panelist to judge you, At first, they told all 5 of us to give our Intro, then they told us our Topic – Cashless Economy, and again asked each one of us to speak few words on the topic, after that we were asked to choose a side whether for the topic or against the topic, and then GD started, and Luckily all 5 of us were selected for the Next Round due to Healthy and Disciplined discussion (this was the compliment given by them at the end).

Round  3 :  Coding and Technical  Round

108 Students were Shortlisted for this round, It was of 1-hour duration on Glider Platform.

My Interview started with a few questions like :

1. Tell me about yourself

2. Why PwC?

3. Why should we hire you? 

Then he asked me about sorting algorithms which I knew, followed by that he gave me the compiler and told to write the code for Selection and Bubble sort, This was my Task 1

Next, for Task 2 he gave me an Exception Handling Java Output based MCQ, I have to submit my answer.

Next For Task 3 , I was asked few SQL queries, I had to type them also in the editor provided, few were very easy, few were based on Group By Clause and Joins.

Last for Task 4, i was asked a Puzzle, Link –

After this he told me if I had any questions for him, I asked two – 1 My Feedback 2 How PwC gets its Projects throughout the Globe?

Round 4 : Managerial Round

The Director of PwC took this Interview, It was a 30 mins Round conducted on the same Glider Platform. He started with my Intro, later he asked me a few questions based on SQL like What is Partition By Clause? If you are provided with two tables and I ask you to print non-common elements from both tables, What will you do? ( Basically, he was expecting answer using Full Outer Join ), Then he asked me about my Strengths and Weaknesses, for Strength I mentioned I Prefer Doing Smart Work over Hard Work (If Possible), then he suddenly asked me a situation based question and told let’s check you smart work – The Question was If at a certain night I give you 2000 PDFs which contains Information of a person each, like a person’s name, salary, hobbies, etc and I have to submit this abstract to him for each and every PDF Next Morning, What would I do?

I gave him 3 Solutions, He was satisfied with my Approach and with that, the Session ended with a question Why Should we hire you for this role?

Round 5 : HR Round

It was just a 15 Mins Round in which I was asked a few questions like –

1. Introduction

2. Justify the quality Leadership mentioned in your resume?

3. Justify where you have Implemented Team Building in your Life, Was it worthy? Is it always in our favor if we use this approach?

4. Tell me your Achievements Till now?

5. Share me your PwC Recruitment Process Till Now? ( as I mentioned it as my achievement in the previous answer )

6. What are your strong Technical Skills?

7. Any Questions for me?

Verdict – 42 Students were Selected, and I was one of them 🙂

The Complete Interview process along with GD took 3 days to get completed and My Results were Published on 12:01 am 19th Sept 2020.

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