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PwC Interview Experience 2021

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  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 11 Aug, 2021
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PwC Interview Experience | Virtual Experience April 2021. I had applied at PwC through an Employee Referral on LinkedIn. After a few days, I got a mail that my CV was selected. 

Round 1: This was a written round. There were basically 4 sections in this. The first section was aptitude round, the second was logical reasoning and the third section was technical MCQ based on Java and SQL. This section was easy.

Round 2: This was a face-to-face interview. Started with an introduction. The questions asked were as follows :

  • What is a dangling pointer and how to handle it?
  • SQL query to find the 2nd highest salary.
  • SQL queries related to joins
  • Time Complexity of sorting algorithms
  • Asked to share screen and write the code of merge sort. Was asked to dry run it using an example
  • Algorithm of binary search
  • What are pointers and where are they used and explain it using code
  • Asked to explain one of my projects and asked questions related to that.

Verdict: I got a mail from them that I was selected and to submit my documents. After submitting my documents I never got a mail or call from their end. I called and mailed them over 100 times but no response.

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