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Ishita is on the way to visit her Grandmother, who lives at the end of the valley. It’s her birthday, and she wants to give her some cakes made by her. Ishita needs to cross 5 bridges to reach her Grandmother’s house. There is a toll for every bridge. The toll or tax for crossing the bridge is half of the cakes she is carrying with her. Also at each bridge she gets one cake from them. How many cakes should Ishita carry with her to make sure that she arrives at Grandmother’s house with exactly 2 cakes?

Answer : 2 Cakes

Explanation :
At each bridge, she gives half of her cakes, and in return she gets one back.
So, here she will give one cake at every bridge as a toll and will receive one cake back as well, which will leave her with 2 cakes after every bridge.

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