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Puzzle | Selling Chocolates

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  • Difficulty Level : Basic
  • Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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Ram and Shyam were selling chocolates. Ram was selling at the rate of 2 pieces/rupee and Shyam was selling at the rate of 3 pieces/rupee. Now both of them decided that they will mix their chocolates and sell them at the rate of 5 pieces for 2 rupees.
Now after selling whole chocolates, they found that the total collection is rupees 7 less than what they would get by selling them separately.

Note : Initially both have equal number of chocolates.

Q. Find how many chocolates each of them had initially?

Answer: 210


Let x be the number of chocolates each of them had initially. Total money earned when they sell chocolates separately: x/2 + x/3.
Total money earned if they sell in a combined manner: (2*x)/(5/2)
According to the problem: x/2 + x/3 =(2*x)/(5/2) + 7
Solving the above equation, we get the value of x = 210.

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