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Puzzle: Ram used to arrive at the railway station every day at 6 pm from work. As soon as Ram arrived at the station, his wife Sita too arrives at the station by car to pick him up. Both drive back home. One day Ram arrived at the station one hour early and thought of taking a walk back to home. He started walking when after covering a specific distance, he meets with Sita. Both drive back home and this time they reached 30 minutes earlier than the usual time. How long has Ram been walking?
It is known that Sita drove every day at a uniform speed.


  • Since they reached home 30 minutes earlier, Sita must have saved 15 minutes in each trip i.e., up and down trip, as the speed of the car was uniform.
  • This means that had Sita drove for 15 more minutes, she would have met Ram at the station.
  • As we know Ram arrived at the station at 5 that day, and they must meet at 6, it means that Sita meets Ram at 5:45.
  • Therefore, Ram must have walked 45 minutes before meeting Sita.

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