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Puzzle | Divide square land among 4 sons

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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There is an old man and he has four sons. The old man is in critical situation and his last wish is to divide his square land into 4 equal parts but according to some rules. Rules and the image of land is provided below:


  • Each son should get one tree separately
  • Each son should have direct access to the well
  • Land can’t be divided diagonally
  • Each son should get his separate land i.e. there is no interaction between any other son’s land

Help old man to divide the land among his four sons.

We can divide the old man’s square land among his 4 sons with the given rules in following manner:

  • First, we should separate trees with two straight lines.
  • After that we should take care that all 4 sons should access well directly, so, we Should divide the well into 4 parts and join the line with the lines which separate the tress.
  • At last repeat the right side pattern with the left portion of the land. Finally, the land is divided into 4 equal parts with the given rules.

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