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Puzzle | Connect 9 circles each arranged at center of a Matrix using 3 straight lines

  • Difficulty Level : Medium
  • Last Updated : 17 Jul, 2020

Consider 9 circles each arranged at the center of cells of a 2-D matrix of shape 3*3. Draw 3 straight lines without removing pen from paper such that each of the 9 circles is in contact with at least one line. 

A similar problem is present here Connect 9 dots using 4 lines. 
The difference from above problem is that here there are 9 circles not 9 points. Also we can only draw 3 lines. 
One such way of doing what is asked is:

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The thing to notice is that since these are circles, not points, we can draw a line that is tangent to the circle. There is no need to pass the line through the center as the only contact with the circle is required.

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