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Puzzle | Chemical Mystery

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A famous chemist was found murdered in his laboratory. The police knew that two people were involved in his murder and there were 5 suspects named Join, Bob, Felice, Nicolas and Joshua. Police also found a note which was written by the chemist. In the note, there were written some numbers “26-3-58 / 28-27-57-16”. After reading the numbers, Police immediately found the murderers. Who are the murderers and how did the police know?

Solution :-
The victim is a famous chemist so if you look at the note very carefully. You will notice that the numbers written corresponding to the atomic numbers on the periodic table of elements.
In Periodic Table, we have following.

The atomic number of Fe is 26.
The atomic number of Li is 3.
The atomic number of Ce is 58.
The atomic number of Ni is 28.
The atomic number of Co is 27.
The atomic number of La is 57.
The atomic number of S is 16.

“Fe(Iron) – Li(Lithium) – Ce(Cerium)” -> Felice
“Ni(Nickel) – Co(Cobalt) – La(Lanthanum) – S(Sulphur)” -> Nicolas

Hence, Felice and Nicolas are the murderers.

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Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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