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Puzzle-59 | Catch the Thief

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Problem: Three cars, an Alto, a Zen and a Nano were stolen. There are 3 suspects (Arun, Kartik and Varun). Each stole 1 vehicle. Here is what they say:

Arun: Varun stole the Alto

Kartik: Varun stole the Zen

Varun: I stole neither the Alto nor the Zen

Later on, the police find that the suspect who stole the Alto told the truth. Using only this information, can you identify which suspect stole which car?



We know that the suspect who stole the Alto told the truth. However, both Arun and Varun claim that they did not steal the Alto. Therefore, neither of them could have actually stolen the Alto, which means Kartik stole the Alto.

This also means that Kartik told the truth and that Varun stole the Zen. Since each suspect stole 1 vehicle, it is obvious that Arun stole the Nano.

This Puzzle is contributed by Feroz Baig.

Last Updated : 18 Jan, 2023
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