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Purchasing Power for Data Scientist Intern (On-Campus)

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  • Difficulty Level : Easy
  • Last Updated : 08 Feb, 2021
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Purchasing Power came into the campus on the Last week of December 2020. There were different profiles for an internship which includes SiteOps, Front End Developer, Data Engineer, and Data Scientist. I had applied for the Data Scientist profile. 

Below are the rounds that happened

Round 1(Online Test at Hirepro): The very first round was the Online test round which consisted of three sections.

  1. Aptitude: It mainly consisted of 15 problems involving simple aptitude
  2. Technical MCQ: It consisted of a mixture of around 25-30 questions involving data interpretation, data sufficiency, hypothesis testing, types of visualization graphs, python and SQL
  3. Coding Round: It consisted of two sections one is coding and the second is SQL round

Aptitude questions were easier and for practice, you can solve basic questions from indiabix

Talking about, technical MCQs, questions were like, where we use box plot, given a scenario which graph you will use to explain your audience. Basic questions related to the box plot. In python, questions were based on lambda expression and list comprehensions, basic dictionary-based questions. The coding question is as follows :

Given a string in such a way that every character is followed by a numeric digit e.g. a3b2, a4, a1b2c4. You need to return the string in such a way that every character will be repeated with the following numeric digit. e.g. for input a3b2 output will be aaabb, for input a1b3c2, the output will be abbbcc.

Round 2(Interview): The interview was easy. The interviewer was friendly and down to earth. He asked me questions in the following manner.

  • Introduce yourself
  • Tell me the machine learning algorithms you have worked on so far.
    • I mentioned supervised and deep learning-based algorithms and architectures.
  • Explain to me anyone algorithm
    • I mentioned Decision Tree: I answered what a decision tree is with pros and cons. Then I explained to him the CART algorithm
  • What is the difference between Decision Trees and logistic regression?
    • Defined both and compared their pros over the other.
  • At this moment, an interviewer asked me that I am going to ask you few mental ability-based questions and those are as follows.
    • Suppose you have 6 apples. Out of those, 5 weighs equally, and the left one is lighter. You are given a mechanical weighing machine (tarazu in hindi, takdi in Punjabi, and also known as scale weighing machine). But you can use this machine twice. Your task is to find out the lighter apple and you can’t use the machine more than twice.
    • I answered that we can split apples into three pairs, and I will compare the first two pairs by putting on to the left and right side of the weighing machine. If they are at the same level, then that means they weigh the same and the lighter apple is in the third pair, else the pair which is less down or is lighter, now compares the apples of the lighter pair and the apple weighing less is the answer.
    • How many squares are there on a chessboard?
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