Pubmatic Interview Experience

I was interviewed at pubmatic. this was interview experience

Round 1.
1. Print the circumference of the tree
2. given an array as stock prices find the day when should user buy and sell to maximize the profit.
3. Create mirror tree from a given tree.
4. Given a Binary tree of strings. Return the stream of string as char* so that when reverse parsing the same string gives back the same tree.
5. Given a sorted and rotated array, find a given number in that.

Round 2:
1. Signature and return type of malloc.
2. How does free() knows the size of the block to be freed because malloc only returns the starting address.
3. Given a service provider(idea, airtel) design DB schema for storing all the information . ( more focused to see how will you create schema normalised and use of indexes)
4. Given a table employee( id, name , manager id) write a query to return employee name and manager name .
5. given a stream of billion numbers find top 100 number at any instant of time,

Round 3.
1. Given a stream of 200 billion numbers (each no > 50000) , find the average of numbers.
main focus was how you store the avg.
2. Crossword puzzle algorithm. given a dictionary and a a mXn grid. find how many possible words can be formed from the grid.
3. Given an array of size m (m < n) and number from 1 to n. n-m numbers are missing in the array. for eg n = 10 and m = 5 arra= [1,6,4,8,7] find the missing numbers in array. in this case missing numbers are (2,3,5,9,10) 4. Use cases of storing a tree in to stream. 5. Given two dices . and numbers 0-9. give every side of dice a number so that they can be used to display dates of all the months. Final Round with VP
1. why do you want to join pubmatic ?
2. where do you see yourself down the line in 5 years.
3. Given an array, find the no of trianlges that can be formed.
4. what do you prefer array or link list?
5. what do you prefer between link list and doubly link list.
6. what is your unique talent that distinguishes you from others.

Round 5:
Normal HR questions.

Big Thanks to geeks for geeks.:)

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