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Publicis Sapients Interview Experience for Senior Associate (3.5+ experienced)

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Recently applied for Senior Technology Associate at Publicis Sapients Gurgaon Location for Java Backend Domain. (JAVA Backend | Spring Boot | Microservices)

Round 1: MCQ Round consists of 25 Java tech stack questions 

  • Mcqs has been bifurcated into 4 segments-
    • CORE JAVA 
    • JAVA 8 and Functional Programming 
    • DSA 
  • The level of MCQs for CORE JAVA and Functional Programming is of Good Level.
  • This round is easy to medium level (at least you need to score +19 Marks/25 Marks as cut off as per my understanding ).

Round 2: Technical Discussion 

  • What all Design Patterns have you worked on? The recruiter tries to understand whether the basics are clear or not.
  • How HTTP client works internally.
  • What is Controller Advisor 
  • Implement LRU cache and Traversal of a Circular Linked List.
  • Predicate and BI predicate in Functional Programming 
  • Given the task to design API for multiple Image file retrieval.

Round 3: Hiring Manager Round 

  • What are documents in MongoDB?
  • How you will implement the JIRA tickets and stories?
  • Asked about some Product Features that need to be taken care of before developing the APIs
  • Asked DevOps Pipeline (Unable to remember the exact question this time)

Round 4: HR Discussion: HR came back to me for the compensation part discussion and what all documents need to be uploaded for BGV.

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Last Updated : 30 Jan, 2023
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