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Publicis Sapient Interview Questions

Last Updated : 24 Jan, 2024
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Explore Publicis Sapient Interview Questions for an insight into this global digital transformation consultancy. Headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, USA Publicis Sapient is leading in reshaping the digital business landscape. With a commitment to meaningful change, they operate at the nexus of technology, creativity, and business strategy, delivering cutting-edge solutions globally. Publicis Sapient continues to redefine the boundaries of possibility, offering clients transformative and forward-thinking approaches that leave a lasting impact on the digital realm.


Publicis Sapient Interview Questions

To secure a desired employment at Publicis Sapient, you must not only have strong technical capabilities but also understand how to handle their specific interview procedure. This post dives deeper into the world of technical interviews at Publicis Sapient, providing insider information and insights on the types of questions you may be asked.


Publicis Sapient Interview Question on DSA



Reverse The Array  Solve 
Triplet Sum in Array Solve 
Kadane’s Algorithm  Solve 
Trapping Rain Water Solve
Delete middle node Solve
Minimum Subarray With Required Sum Solve
Cycle Detection In Undirected Graph Solve
Kth Largest Element in BST Solve
Parenthesis Checker  Solve 
Longest Valid Parentheses  Solve 
Possible Words From Phone Digits Solve 
Palindrome Pairs  Solve 
Find the Number Occurring Odd Number of Times  Solve 
Search In A 2D Matrix  Solve 
Cycle Detection in a Singly Linked List Solve 
Ninja island  Solve 
Print the Pattern  Solve 
LCA Of Binary Tree  Solve 
Reverse Linked List  Solve 
Kth Smallest Element  Solve 
Reverse Words in a String  Solve 
Stack using queue  Solve 
Maximum Sum Rectangle Solve 
Minimum Swaps to Sort  Solve 
Find Duplicates In Array  Solve 
Merge Sort  Solve 
Search Elements in an Array  Solve 
N Queens  Solve 
Symmetric Tree  Solve 
Insert Into A Binary Search Tree  Solve 
Next Greater Element Solve 
Deletion In Circular Linked List  Solve 
Height of Binary Tree  Solve 
Merge Two Sorted Arrays  Solve 
Compress the String  Solve 
LRU Cache  Solve 
0 – 1 Knapsack Problem  Solve 
Topological sort  Solve 
Alien Dictionary Solve 
Burning Tree  Solve 
Number of Distinct Islands  Solve 
Edit Distance  Solve 
Bridges In A Graph  Solve 
Phone directory  Solve 
Minimum Cost Path  Solve 
Overlapping Intervals  Solve 
Diameter of a Binary Tree  Solve 
Stock buy and sell Solve 
Spirally traversing a matrix Solve 
Longest Subsequence With Difference One  Solve
Bipartite Graph  Solve 
Palindrome Partitioning  Solve 
Reverse Stack  Solve 
MergeSort Linked List  Solve 
Count Distinct Elements In Every Window  Solve 
Alternate Print  Solve 
Job Sequencing Problem  Solve 
Sliding Maximum  Solve 
Valid Perfect Square  Solve 
Trie   Solve 

Publicis Sapient Interview Question on OS

As a type of system software, an operating system manages all computer resources. It acts as an intermediary between computer hardware and software, offering an interface for smooth communication.

Publicis Sapient Interview Question on Computer Networks

Computer networks, or CNs, are the foundation of contemporary IT, allowing devices to communicate and exchange data with ease. Both local and global linked systems enable internet connectivity, promote information exchange, and provide the foundation for a wide range of digital services and applications that characterise our increasingly interconnected society.

Publicis Sapient Interview Question on DBMS and SQL

DBMS, or Database Management Systems, are essential tools for efficiently organizing and managing large volumes of data. SQL, or Structured Query Language, serves as the language for interacting with and managing relational databases. Together, they play a crucial role in data management across various applications and industries.

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