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Coding Round:
So the first round was coding round on hackerrank platform in which we have to solve two coding problems out of which one was easy and other was moderate to hard.
I remember easy one was of the array and another one was of 2d array with subsets if I am not wrong.

Technical Interview Round:
From coding round out of 70-80 students 20 were shortlisted for the technical interview. My interview lasted for one and a half hours in which it was started with my internships. As most of my work was related to web development he asked me some of the problems about scalability, database optimization, scripting and asked me about which frameworks I had worked on. After that, there were questions on OOPs in which he made me write the code explaining each paradigm. The Interviewer was really nice, was helping me when I got stuck. Then he made me write the pseudo-code of the sorting algorithms that I know. Then he asked me basics about computer networks and protocols and how the internet works. Overall the interview was very smooth.

HR Interview Round:
In HR interview, he asked me what do I do apart from programming, about my past three years, what are my future plans, Strengths, Struggles, It lasted for about one hour.

That’s it!! At the end of the day, they selected 4 people. Fortunately one of them was me. One important thing is just to be confident, don’t be nervous and keep smiling.

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