Publicis Sapient Interview Experience for the role of QA(On-Campus)

Round 1:Online round was conducted on Hirepro platform. It was divided into 5 sections.

  1. Aptitude(15 ques, 15 min)
  2. verbal(5 ques, 5 min)
  3. logical(10 ques, 10 min)
  4. puzzles and logical mixed(10 ques, 10 min)
  5. coding(1 ques, 30 min)

Every section was easy but the time was the important key here to cross the sectional cut-off. Coding ques was to give the smallest no divisible by an given integer n and whose sum is equal to given integer m.

After this round, from 900 students, 51 got shortlisted for the further rounds

Round 2(Domain): 

It was tricky round.  questions were asked from Domain subjects such as OS, DBMS(SQL queries), concepts of software engineering, java, data structure(BST, doubly linked list) along with some few puzzles(how to measure x liters from a and b liters, kind of). few programs such as swapping two no without using third variable, Fibonacci series.

java was asked in depth, i was asked real world examples of oops concepts such as abstraction, inheritance etc. Questions on collections, exceptions, project discussion.

overall if your basics are strong you can easily clear this round

After this round 15 students were shortlisted for further HR round.

Round 3(Attribute):

This round was taken by a technical person so i was asked some behavioral questions that needed technical approach too to solve.

  1. Tell me about your projects and the difficulty and risks you faced.
  2. if you are dealing with a client who is having some doubts related to your project, who will you make him to trust you
  3. where did you use sorting in your project
  4. how will you motivate your team members for doing the project they have been assigned.
  5. how will you test your project for finding errors? (SE questions, had to tell him about testing)
  6. some basic puzzles on number series.

After this round was only 10 students were selected and luckily i was one of them.

Thanks to@geeksforgeeks for helping me out in various subjects.

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