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Providence Interview Experience (On-Campus)

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  • Last Updated : 09 Oct, 2020
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Online Round: Around 250 candidates turned up for this round. The exam contained 3 sections:

  1. Technical MCQ(24 questions)
  2. Coding Questions(2 easy-medium)
  3. SQL Query(1 Question)

This round was very easy. Basically, you have to be sure almost all MCQ is correct in order to enter for the interview.2 hrs time was there.

29 got Shortlisted from this round.  

Round 1 (Face to Face): Introduction about self. This round was to understand what you have done until now. Basically, we discussed the major projects I have worked upon. Was having a deep conversation on what technologies, what methods, and so on.

So she was interested in knowing the boosting algorithm which I told her I implemented from scratch. She said she was not familiar with the concept and asked me to teach it. So I explained to her how boosting works and also wrote a pseudo code.

Asked me to explain OOPS concepts that I know.

Just asked me to write a code on how to merge 2 sorted lists.

Was asking about how familiar I was with python and asked a few simple questions like

  • Tell me difference between range(),xrange(), arange()
  • Are arrays and lists the same in python?

Inner join, Outer join, Self joins.

Then asked a few situational questions like

  • The Hardest problems faced in the project
  • A situation where I have done something which I did not expect.
  • Situations where I have helped my teammates even if it was not my part.

18 got shortlisted from this round.

Round 2 (Face to Face): This round was very cool. Some very senior people interviewed me. He was so cool and was so casual he asked what I am comfortable with and had a discussion only on those.

In this round, we had that elevator design problem where we have to accommodate the OOPS concept.

Then he casually asked me what subject to talk about. I casually said we can talk about sports and said about my Nationals experience and engaged him for 5 mins. He then politely said, “I asked about something technical”. We both laughed for a second.

Then I said competitive coding, and then he asked how will you implement a product like a tiny URL. Then I gave a solution he gave a mixed response. So when I added a few features which made it scalable he was quite happy.

Then an easy pattern printing question like this

         * *
      *   *   *
   *   *    *    *

Done with this and finally, he asked me any questions for me

Since we were having a very friendly discussion and I was not quite prepared to ask a one  

I unknowingly said “Aiyoo I didn’t prepare any question”

Then we again had laughter then I asked him about work-life or some question of that sort.

8 got shortlisted from this round!. After finishing the round only I came to know that last round I made a huge mistake for the last question. However, luckily I got selected.

HR Round: She again was very friendly and asked to introduce myself.

  • My family members know what they are doing.
  • Am I ready to relocate?
  • Why Providence? (Unfortunately, I didn’t answer it in a satisfactory manner and also made an answer like I was happy with the benefits).
  • Then asked about the internship experience
  • Strength and Weakness.
  • Any questions for me ?(This time I prepared well for asking a question LOL!!)

The interview was over and they declared the results from the 8 they selected 5 .

Unfortunately I didn’t make it through even though I was so confident I almost cleared it.

Tips :

  • Stay calm and positive during interview.(Don’t talk with peers before the interview)
  • If you have enough time try to read as many interview experience as possible in GFG as it will be really helpful in technical rounds on how to go about.
  • At last if unfortunately, If you are turned down don’t worry keep the same spirit throughout the process(I was rejected during the interview of other 6 good companies even at hr levels but finally got what I wanted). It is a test of time, patience, and faith. Keep yourself positive and confident.

Thank you GFG!

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