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Protocol and Standard in Computer Networks

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Protocol :
In Order to make communication successful between devices , some rules and procedures should be agreed upon at the sending and receiving ends of the system. Such rules and procedures are called as Protocols . Different types of protocols are used for different types of communication.

In above diagrams Protocols are shown as set of rules . Such that Communication between Sender and Receiver is not possible without Protocol.

Standards : 

Standards are the set of rules  for data communication that are needed for  exchange of information among devices. It is important to follow Standards which are created by various  Standard Organization like IEEE , ISO , ANSI etc.

Types of Standards :

Standards are of two types :

  • De Facto Standard.
  • De Jure  Standard.

De Facto Standard :  The meaning of the work ” De Facto ”  is ” By Fact ”  or “By Convention”.
These are the standard s that have not been approved by any Organization , but have been adopted as  Standards  because of it’s widespread use. Also , sometimes these standards are often established by Manufacturers.

For example :   Apple  and Google are two companies which established their own rules on their products which are different . Also they use some same standard rules for manufacturing for their products.

De Jure Standard :  The meaning of the word “De Jure”  is  “By Law” or “By  Regulations” . 
Thus , these are the  standards that have been approved by officially recognized body like ANSI , ISO , IEEE etc. These are the standard which are important to follow if it is required or needed.

For example :  All the data communication standard  protocols like SMTP , TCP , IP , UDP etc. are important to follow the same when we needed them. 

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Last Updated : 05 Mar, 2021
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