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Protection of Servers
  • Last Updated : 09 Dec, 2019

Servers are the core of any high-performing facility. Servers are the key to efficient and continuous operations. Servers are expensive. That’s why server monitoring is critically important.

Some methods of physical protection of Servers are as follows:

  • Hardware Monitoring:
    Hardware monitoring is found in large server farms. A server farm is a facility that houses hundreds of servers for organizations. Google has many server farms around the world to provide optimal services. Even smaller companies are building local server farms to house the growing number of servers need to conduct business.

    Hardware monitoring systems are used to monitor the health of these systems and to minimize server and application downtime. Modern hardware monitoring systems use USB and network ports to transmit the condition of CPU temperature, power supply status, fan speed and temperature, memory status, disk space, and network card status. Hardware monitoring systems help to monitor many systems from a single terminal.

  • HVAC:
    HVAC systems are critical to the safety of people and information systems in the organization’s facilities. When planning modern IT offices, these frameworks play a very important role in the overall security. HVAC systems control the ambient environment and must be planned for and operated along with other data center components. Almost all physical computer hardware devices accompany ecological necessities that incorporate worthy temperature and stickiness ranges.

    Environmental requirements appear in a product specifications document or in a physical planning guide. It is critical to maintaining these environmental requirements to prevent system failures and extend the life of IT systems. Commercial HVAC systems and other building management systems now connect to the Internet for remote monitoring and control. Recent events have shown such systems (often called “smart systems”) also raise big security implications.

  • Power:
    A ceaseless supply of electrical power is critical in today’s massive server facilities. Some standards in building effective electrical supply systems are:

    • Two or more feeds coming from two or more electrical substations.
    • Server rooms should be on a different power supply from the rest of the building.
    • Backup power systems are also required.

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