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PropTiger Interview (On-Campus for FTE)

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  • Difficulty Level : Hard
  • Last Updated : 07 Sep, 2018
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Online Test :

Online test consists of 2 sections :

1st Section : 30 MCQ questions based on cs topics like os, dbms, sorting, searching, time complexity, trees and basic pointers questions.

(You can practice here : )

2nd Section : 4 Coding Questions

1 : Given inorder and preorder traversal of a binary tree you have to return postorder traversal.

2 : Given an array of integers return the duplicate ones in sorted order.

3 : Given a sentence(contains alphanumeric characters) you have to reverse each word and capitalize the first letter of each word.

4 : Given an array of positive and negative integers find the maximum sum obtained by flipping a continuous subarray( flipping means positive to negative and negative to positive).

Similar Question :

Time Limit : 2:30 Hrs

3 out of 4 coding questions and some mcq were enough for next round.

About 26 students were shortlisted for F2F interviews.


Round 1 FTF Technical Round (1:15 hours) :

The interviewer asked questions from these  topics : Data Structures, DBMS.

Questions were:

1: Find an element in rotated sorted array.

2: Convert a binary tree to a doubly linked list.


3 : DBMS Normal Forms.

4 : SQL Joins and Nested Queries.

5 : Discussion about the Archictecture of Projects.

9 students were selected for round 2.


Round 2 FTF Technical Round (1:15 hours):

The interviewer asked questions from these  topics : OS, Data Structures, DBMS, OOP Concepts, System Design.

Questions were:

1: System Design Questions on Projects.

2: Given a list of numbers find the top k largest elements.

(Discussion about Different Variations, Different Solutions and their Time and Space Complexity )

3: Java OOP Concepts (Some Simple Defnitions and Some Tough Questions ).

4: Custom Sorting Functions.

5: Hashing Concepts.

6: Os Deadlock ( Different Variations of Standard Problems like Producer Consumer Problem).

All 9 students were selected for HR round.


Round 3 HR  Round (30 minutes):

Standard HR questions.

The HR was quiet friendly so we had a nice conversation.


  1. Tell me about yourself.
  2. How do you come to know about Proptiger?
  3. If I am okay to work at Gurgaon office.
  4. Do you know any startups in different fields?
  5. What is my preference Back end or Front end?

Finally, 5 students were selected.
I was one of them.



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