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Promact Infotech Pvt. Ltd. Interview Experience

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The first round consists of 60 questions and given 120 minutes. It consists of few easy aptitudes, technical aptitude(find O/P of c program). A lot of logical reasoning, data interpretation, etc.. 30 out of 200 qualified for next round.

2nd round consists of 3 coding questions on the blind compiler(which will not show the output of your code). Out of 3 at least 1 must have to be done. You have to pass all test cases.
1) All possible permutations of a string.
2) Prime factorization of a prime number.
3) Taking out cash from an ATM having different notes …….(Mostly asked).

12 proceeded further for HR+technical round.
If someone has cleared above two round, it will be pretty much easier. Basic C and java questions.

Call letter will be issued after 6-7 days and you will be called for 3 months of training.
Training will undergo during college days of 8th sem.
Then after the exams of 8th sem, you need to join the company.

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Last Updated : 17 Apr, 2019
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