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PROM Full Form

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PROM stands for Programmable Read-Only Memory

It is a memory chip on which information can be composed as it were once. Once a program has been composed onto a PROM, it remains there until the end of time. Not at all like Ram, PROMs hold their substance when the computer is turned off. A PROM is fabricated as blank memory, and after that, an uncommon burner is utilized to compose to it once. PROMS ordinarily store low-level gadget drivers for particular equipment and are burned once.

A programmable read-only memory may be a frame of advanced memory where the setting of each bit is bolted by a meld or anti-fuse. It is one sort of ROM. The information in them is changeless and cannot be changed. PROM could be a sort of ROM that’s modified after the memory is built. PROM chips have a few diverse applications, counting cell phones, video amusement supports, RFID labels, restorative gadgets, and other gadgets. They give a straightforward implies of programming electronic gadgets

block diagram of PROM

Applications of PROM

  • Mobile Phones for giving Client Particular Selections.
  • Implantable Restorative devices.
  • Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)tags.
  • High definition Multimedia Interfaces(HDMI)

Characteristics of PROM

  • It has programmable random access memory
  • In prom And gates are fixed and or gates are programmable
  • Prom Works as a memory
  • It is not reusable.
  • The storage endurance of PROM is high
  • few functions can be actualized(it is effective when the work to be implemented(i.e the min terms) must have all the variables.

Advantages of PROM

  • The programming can be done utilizing numerous sorts of program and does not depend on difficult wiring of the program to the chip.
  • Since it isn’t conceivable to un-blow the intertwine, so the realness of the information remains intaglio and it is outlandish to evacuate or modify the substance.

Disadvantages of PROM

  • PROM is that the data once burnt cannot be deleted or changed when recognized with errors.
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Last Updated : 27 Apr, 2020
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